Pertama Kali di KUALA LUMPUR dan KAMI SUKA 🇲🇾 (Malaysia Mengejutkan Kami)

Pertama Kali di KUALA LUMPUR dan KAMI SUKA (Malaysia Mengejutkan Kami)

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Dapatkan Surfshark VPN di dan masukkan kod promosi FLORAANDNOTE untuk potongan 83% dan 3 bulan tambahan secara PERCUMA! Ini kali pertama kami di Kuala Lumpur dan kami menyukainya! Kami memulakan siri Malaysia kami di ibu kota dan bandar terbesar, Kuala Lumpur. Daripada Menara Petronas yang indah hingga ke Jalan Petaling yang sibuk dan meriah, KL pastinya meninggalkan kesan pertama yang kuat kepada kami. Sertai kami sambil kami meneroka beberapa tempat ikonik, makan makanan yang lazat dan belajar tentang kepelbagaian budaya Malaysia! LOKASI DILIHAT: Taman KLCC: Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock: King of KingFruits Gelato: /maps/GmdMwFB8y9qEicJJ8 (Kedai aiskrim terletak berhampiran pintu masuk papan tanda Jalan Petaling, yang ada di Jalan Sultan) Jika anda menikmati video kami, berikut adalah beberapa cara anda boleh menyokong kami! △ Tekan SUBSCRIBE, LIKE dan KONGSI video kami dengan rakan anda! △ Lihat barang niaga BAHARU kami | △ Ia memerlukan banyak kopi untuk menghasilkan video | △ Sokong kami secara langsung | Kami menghargai anda dan terima kasih atas sokongan anda 🙂 GEAR KAMI △ Canon EOS M50 △ DJI Mavic Mini 2 △ GoPro Hero 10 △ Boya by-MM1 Compact On Camera Microphone KAMI MENGGUNAKAN DUA PLATFORM UNTUK KAMI MUZIK △ Bunyi Epidemik (Percubaan Percuma 30 Hari): △ Senarai Seni: JOM HUBUNGI △ Instagram: https://www.instagram .com/floraandnote/ Pecahan Video Mengikut Bab: 0:00 – Kami di Malaysia! 1:36 – Tayangan Pertama KL 3:44 – Bersiar-siar di KL 5:12 – Kami tidak pernah merasai apa-apa seperti ini 10:41 – Apakah Surfshark VPN? 11:43 – Meneroka Pekan Cina Kuala Lumpur 18:24 – Pendapat kami tentang Pendedahan Malaysia: Beberapa pautan dalam penerangan adalah pautan gabungan. Jika anda mengklik pada salah satu pautan produk, saya akan menerima komisen tanpa kos tambahan kepada anda. #floraandnote #malaysia #kualalumpur



  1. Hi
    Could you please let us know the drone laws in Kuala lumpur.
    We are from India and will be going to malaysia soon.
    Is permit required for drone? and if yes whats the procedure?

  2. Hello, I'am Andika, from West Borneo, Indonesia. I recommend you to visit Singkawang City in West Borneo, Indonesia, and enjoy the culinary in the inside, also there so many beach at the side of city.

  3. Majority of Malaysian Chinese can speak mandarin and also their own dialect
    For instance, Cantonese speaker are popular in the city of KL and Ipoh.
    Hokkien is popular in Penang, Johor, Klang, etc
    Foochow is popular in Sitiawan, Sibu
    Btw, I'm a Hakka ngin! 🙋‍♂

  4. We love your videos! Just curious about tipping in restaurants in Malaysia. Is there are included service charge? Is a tip expected?

  5. Hi I really love your videos, I just want to ask about flying a drone in Malaysia. Was it freely allowed flying a drone in KL or did you have to work on a permit? Did most area drone-able? Thanks a lot!

  6. OMG I'm so grateful 🙏🏽 that I found you guys channel!! First off I like to say that this was the first video I watch on your Series of Malaysia and right off the back my nerves started calming down!! My BFF is applying for a Teacher's position their in KL and I decided that if she got the job I would come over with her so she wouldn't be by herself!! Bit I was quite reluctant to come because I don't know much about Malaysia!! Being from the states I'm use to diversity so after watching 👀 this video I know theirs quite a bit of diversity which helps I think!! I've subscribed to your channel and I be definitely tuning in on some of your Videos certainly those of Malaysia!! Thank You Guys so much for Sharing With Us💜💛🎉💛💜

  7. ผมว่ามาเลเซียดีกว่ากรุงเทพเเน่นอนบ้านเมืองเค้าสะอาดเป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อยผังเมืองดูดีต่างกับกรุงเทพมั่วซั่วไปหมด

  8. If you could you can drop by Klang, its about an hour drive from KL and it's a food haven. Klang is famous for it's Bah Kut Teh (herbal pork soup) and just about any restaurant you go to it will be good. IV restaurant also has very very good roti canai. We have Restoran Boston Baru which is very popular for their steam lala. You can try reagent pandan layer cake and cendol and rojak bukit tinggi. Yao yao ping and fried chicken also is a must have. Basically come to Klang to eat, you will enjoy it 😂 There is not much to see in Klang but you can head to Pulau Ketam from Port Klang to go and sightseeing the island.

  9. From KL to Penang stop by near Rawang there is a Shell out Malay -Thai seafood. Where there a mixture of seafood like crabs, clams stack cooked with delicious sweet spices dump onto the table . Kuala Kubu, famous Ulu Yam Batang Kali noodles or Ulu Yam mee, There is a special restaurant after the end of Ulu Yam adjoining Batang Kali road, just across the bridge if you are coming from KL via Selayang way through the hilly road, Tanjung Malim where Proton City is, Slim River adjacent to the bus station ,unique hotel where there have big heavy polished timber from the jungle as long table, a few varieties of tropical timber Also there is a cafe there. You may try the menu and coffee.

  10. Mostly Malaysian speak multiple Chinese Dialect like Hakka, Cantonese and Hokkien or Teo Chew but not Mandarin its a language use when you are in school.

  11. Hi, how did you do to find a place to live? Is there a website or something? I'm doing an Erasmus soon and I have to find a place to live 🙂

  12. Actually, the better view of the Twin Towers is not from the park side but the other side between the towers and the main road. Beside the twin towers and the Batu Caves, there is nothing else worth going for in Kuala Lumpur. Shopping, entertainment, food and activities are all better in Bangkok.

  13. 19:13 อันนี้คือความจริงมาก มาเลเซีย เป็นประเทศพัฒนาแล้วจริงๆ ถนนผังเมือง พื้นที่เขียว ขนส่งสาธารณะสะดวกมาก ดีกว่าไทยมาก

  14. 14:25 just a clarification, the older gens in KL tend to speak more cantonese than mandarin. You could get away with both in KL. In Ipoh, ppl speak more cantonese too. People do not really speak cantonese in Penang – they speak either hokkien or mandarin. TLDR, diff parts of Msia would have diff dialects that they speak most in.

  15. It depends on the type of primary schools they were educated in. All Chinese who start their education in Chinese primary schools can speak Mandarin (write and read simplified Hanzi), English, and Malay.

    Chinese who have their primary and secondary school education in national schools, where the main medium of instruction is Malay, can speak English and Malay.

    All Chinese, irrespective of their primary school education, can speak in their Chinese dialect group which could be Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew, Hainan, Fuzhou, and Kwongsai.

    How many languages does Malaysian Chinese speak?

  16. The Malaysian Chinese here speaks different languages from the Cantinese, Hokkien, the Mandarin or Pu Tong Hua, English, Malay and Tamil.

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