Kereta Api Kelas Perniagaan Malaysia $35 |  Panduan Perjalanan Pulau Pinang ke Kuala Lumpur

Kereta Api Kelas Perniagaan Malaysia $35 | Panduan Perjalanan Pulau Pinang ke Kuala Lumpur

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Ini adalah panduan untuk menunjukkan kepada anda perjalanan kereta api kelas perniagaan dari Pulau Pinang ke Kuala Lumpur. Juga bagaimana untuk menaiki feri percuma, maklumat am & harga, menginap di hotel kapsul angkasa di chinatown dan makan pencuci mulut ikonik yang pasti anda patut cuba ketika berada di KL. Saya harap anda menikmati video ini dan ia membantu merancang perjalanan kereta api anda dari Pulau Pinang ke Kuala Lumpur atau sebaliknya. Berikut adalah pautannya. Masa feri: Tempahan tiket kereta api dalam talian. —————————————————— Jika anda ingin menyokong kerja saya. Anda boleh menderma kopi di sini- Langgan untuk Lebih Banyak Kandungan Perjalanan! –… Muzik yang Saya Gunakan –’s-2282478 ——————————————— ——— FOLLOW: Instagram: #malaysia #penang #kualalumpur 0:00 Bus Ride 1:56 Free Ferry Ride 3:29 Butterworth Station 6:10 Business Class Train 8: 57 To The Space Capsule Hotel 11:11 Chinatown pada Malam 12:50 Kim’s Dessert 14:05 Harga dan Maklumat



  1. I’m surprised that as an Australian you’d never tried Mamee noodle snacks… what city did you grow up in?

  2. In Dubai, you don't have a card or no credit on the card, you cannot board a bus. Top up machines are only at big stations. Buses there do not accept cash nor credit card.

  3. For the ferry charges, it has always been that way.
    As Penang is an island, they expect you to take a return trip if you depart from butterworth to penang.
    Therefore the original departing price from butterworth includes the return price from penang.
    It is the same on the penang bridge.

  4. Very nice video. Too bad you did not venture into my favourite part of KL – Chow Kit ! I have always wanted to try the ETS from Butterworth to KL Sentral but the timing of the ferry (7am from George Town) and the train departure time (7.50am) is just too close for comfort.

  5. 12:55 I lived in Singapore in the early 70s and we went to Malaysia during the school holidays. The smell of those roasting chestnuts in Jalan Petaling drags me back in time 50 years. I walk along the strip and snack.

    I usually stay at a hotel right on the pedestrian mall, but I'll give the Space Hotel a look.

    Thanks for the video. I'll subscribe and check out the other places you visit in Malaysia.

  6. Brought back memories of when my wife and I took the ferry and executive train back to KL, in July 2022. Loved the train ride. It was clean, cool and on time.

  7. I am Malaysian myself, and hardly I take any buses to anywhere. Comical. But frankly our transportation needs necessary transformation. The system as a whole is still below average. Again, only time will tell. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  8. the bun shaped thing which you said you don't know, it's basically a baked pastry, inside is 'char siu' or a kind of barbequeued pork thingy, sweet and full of umami

  9. Please upgrade the KTM station in Butterworth..
    I miss the old open air ferry trip from Penang to Butterworth..

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