10 Perkara TERBAIK untuk dilakukan di Kuala Lumpur πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ύ- Dipilih sendiri oleh Penduduk Tempatan #KL #KualaLumpur #Travelguide

10 Perkara TERBAIK untuk dilakukan di Kuala Lumpur – Dipilih sendiri oleh Penduduk Tempatan #KL #KualaLumpur #Travelguide

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Ingin tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan dan ke mana hendak pergi di Kuala Lumpur? Kemudian anda WAJIB menonton video ini! Temui Kuala Lumpur yang berbeza dengan #Withlocals β†’ https://bit.ly/WL-Kuala-Lumpur Kami bersiar-siar. Kuala Lumpur bersama Penduduk Tempatan untuk menemui KL sebenar, yang digemari oleh penduduk tempatan. Jika anda menikmati video ini: Suka, Komen, Kongsi! Dan jangan lupa untuk melanggan saluran Withlocals! https://bit.ly/Youtube-Join untuk lebih banyak inspirasi perjalanan dari seluruh Dunia! SERTAI SALURAN KAMI Langgan saluran Youtube kami: https://bit.ly/Youtube-Join Dapatkan pengalaman tempatan yang menarik: https://www.withlocals.com Muat turun Apl iOS / Android: https:/ /bit.ly/withlocals-app Ikuti kami di Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Withlocals/ Ikuti kami di IG: https://www.instagram.com/withlocals/ Ikuti kami di Twitter: https:/ /twitter.com/Withlocals



  1. We LOVED KL!! My 3 young children enjoyed our entire time there. I wish I had wanted this film before going, as you give some really great locations to add to an itinerary! We look forward to our next visit!

    Wonderful film!

  2. I am here in KL and like it πŸ™‚ how is the best way to get to the Taman Negara Rainforest and do a tour? How much does it cost? We are here until the 9th March.

  3. Khul ke khuleaam yani ki bindas yani ki enjoyment yani ki Masti yani ki Khul ke aaya si yani khule khule sab khule aur nakalchi bandaron ko hatao nakalchi means samajh jao isliye

  4. Visited a couple years ago, found it boring, but I'm going to give KL another shot. Maybe end of this year.. Some stuff here I want to check out. Thanks!

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  6. Sarah was doing great with all the explanations of nasi lemak, and that mosque guy too! Lovely explanation on how KL had gotten it's name

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  8. So excited to be heading over in September. Haven't been in 35 years! Fooood, shopppping and those incredible, surprising jungle hikes right near the heart of the city 😊😊😊😊

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