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What can $100 Get in VIETNAM? | Vietnam Travel Budget

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Vietnam has been named the cheapest country in the world to live and work. I decided to find out what you can get for $100 in Vietnam! For more videos every week, subscribe to the channel: Also, join the Facebook group to discuss upcoming videos: These videos cover a variety of more or less typical tourist activities, from temples and transportation, to food and drink…and more. The activities mentioned in this video include: – Buying a local SIM card for a phone – Visiting the Jade Mountain Temple in Hanoi – Drinking beer in Hanoi’s famous Beer Street – Buying souvenirs such as fridge magnets – Ha Long Bay Cruise – Eating at various places in Hanoi – Chicken Pho, Banh Mi, spring rolls and pizza – Travel from Hanoi to Hue by sleeper train – Dragon boat ride in Hue – Cyclo ride in Hue – Hotel cost in Hue and in general – Easy Rider motorcycle transport from Hue to Hoi An – Visit the Marble Mountains outside of Da Nang – Take a Hoi An river cruise – Release paper lanterns in Hoi An – Eat banana pancakes at tourist spots – Celebrate New Year Even in Ho Chi Minh City – beer, rabbit ears and dinner – Transportation costs by motorcycle and car – Visiting Cu Chi tunnel in Ho Chi Minh City – War Remnants Museum and Independence Palace in Ho Chi Minh City I also compared the cost of living in Hanoi, Vietnam to Stockholm, Sweden and found some expected differences and some unexpected differences unexpected. Twitter: Instagram: #vietnam #travelbudget #travelcost

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Sri Makmur Youtuber

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Jan and Ann

Harga hotel pusat Kuala Lumpur bawah rm100 3 BINTANG

Cherito Apak

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