Andrey Rublev lwn Daniil Medvedev Untuk Mahkota Dubai!  |  Sorotan Akhir Dubai 2023

Andrey Rublev lwn Daniil Medvedev Untuk Mahkota Dubai! | Sorotan Akhir Dubai 2023

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  1. why's the quality of videos on this channel always so bad? I've recorded my own matches that look better than these videos

  2. Two Russians in final? This is racism ! Immediately sanctions against Dubai ! And against Russia the next 100th sanctions ! Democracy in danger ! More tanks for Ukraine ! Luckily, Dubai is a democratic land.

  3. Not sure I’ve ever seen Medvedev’s forehand looking as good as it did in this tournament, after looking broken as recently as the AO. Glad to see him back to himself.

  4. Medvedev now all ready for Grandslam.. Good Luck!! I kind of liking Reblev shots of placement.. he is way better than before!! Lets see how these guys fare clay!! good lucks!!

  5. Даниил речь не произносил? Или просто, не показали? Если не показали, то почему?
    По Медведеву видно, что он без особых усилий взял 🏆! 😎

  6. Andrey is my favorite player. Yes, he gets frustrated on court, but always seems happy off the court. I never see any disrespect from him toward any other players, officials, etc. Hope his backhand and second serve continue to progress. If so he can stay inside the top 10 for quite some time. It's getting very competitive up there though, so we will see.

  7. Hearing about Medvedevs background from difficult and humble beginnings reinforces my admiration for Medvedev despite his outbursts or the negative press he gets at times. Congrats Danill and well said Andre….a true friend who despite being rich and famous, has not forgotten the humble beginnings and the hard work it took to rise to the top. Well done to both players!!

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