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The Complete London Travel Guide – England Travel Ideas

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London is an amazing city and I highly recommend you go once in your life. But it’s a giant mega city in England, so where…



  1. This video took weeks, if not months of work, with several trips to and from London and a copious amount of editing time. I tried to make this the best guide to London as I could.

    If you value me as a content creator, please do not ask for stadium tours in this video.

    Thank you.

  2. True story. I was born in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea/Saint Mary's Abbot according to my birth certificate. How my poor Caribbean parents managed that one back in the 60s is beyond me! Anyways, will be visiting the family soon, I live in US now, and saw your Kew Gardens video looking for ideas of what to do while I'm in London. Nice presentation, good content.

  3. Useful tool for a London visit–thoroughly researched, and well-presented, thanks.

    (As for singling out the woman apparently suffering gastric distress: why did you keep following, and so close? You've embarrassed yourself along with her–something of a bottom dweller, it may be said.)

  4. Excellent overview of London, great job 👏🏻 so professional 🙌🏻 I am sure this is going to help me a lot, planning my trip in Nov, thank you so much, going to watch this video again.❤️

  5. Was enjoying the video but you really need to cut that bit about the lady farting. She could very well have a health issue. I think you are better than that!

  6. This is a VERY good London Travel Guide Video. I was there a month ago and I wish I had watched this video before I went. London is really easy to get around, but I missed some tourist highlights because I was unaware. Outstanding job making this video!

  7. Oh man…such an expansive tour guide / video…Hats off to u… especially for your effort. Everything detailed to perfection…maps…entry prices etc. Really a Bible to those visiting London for the first time…Lots of appreciation and Thanks.

  8. I’m from London but I got to say Manchester is better then London. It’s a lot cheaper, people up north are a lot more friendly, less crime and it’s not as busy compared to London. But of course it’s my opinion and everybody has there own preferences and entitled to their own opinions. But they are both great in terms of night life and having a good time.

  9. London travel complete look amazing sharing ❤️💕💕💕💕
    Very nice and beautiful place
    Thanks so much for great sharing dear friend ❤️😊😊❤️💕💕
    Full watching here'

  10. Going in September….One week..(Last time I visited London was Spring 1980!)

    I chose 3 days at a hotel a few blocks East of St Paul's – near enough to the Tower Bridge with Tate Modern and Borough Market across the river..(may go to one or more of the following – Camden Town, Regent's Park, Hampstead Heath, and Spitalfields….

    ..and 4 days in Knightsbridge, next to Harrod's (the 3 Museums are a Big Reason) Hyde Park a couple of minutes walk away, Kensington Palace/Gardens and Albert Hall,..Buckingham Palace not far…….Also, like Chelsea,..and maybe check out Portobello Road (I know, extremely touristy)…

    Don't want to be around the Uber Hectic Noisy Touristy Mob (perhaps criminal element) Areas….Worth traveling an extra Underground stop or 2 to check those places out in small doses….What'cha think?!!!!

  11. This is very helpful for my upcoming trip.. seems like I already travelled to london just watching your vid.. up top 🤜🏻👏🏻

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