Tempat shopping murah di Selangor Malaysia

Adakah anda ingin mencari tempat shopping  murah di Selangor?

Kali ini kami akan senaraikan beberapa tempat shopping yang terbaik dan menawarkan harga yang agak murah untuk anda  kunjungi sekiranya anda berkunjung ke negeri Selangor.

Sepertimana yang kita tahu bawa tempat yang paling famous di Selangor iaitu di Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Klang dan beberapa tempat lain lagi seperti Seksyen 19 Seksyen 20.

Banyak lagilah yang tempat Shopping menarik Selangor.

Semoga senarai tempat shopping  murah di Selangor ini boleh menjadi panduan berguna bagi anda sekiranya anda ingin mencari tempat shopping yang murah dan menarik di Negeri Selangor.

Kami juga sertakan review pengguna yang berkunjung ke tempat shopping tersebut yang kami perolehi dari carian google.

Selepas anda berjalan sepuas2 nya di mall tersebut boleh juga anda luangkan masa untuk melawat Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam yang sungguh indah.

TEMPAT SHOPPING MURAH DI SELANGOR. shopping mall di selangor

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Tempat Shopping di Shah Alam

1. Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam

Persiaran Tasik, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor


Review Pengguna

The oldest shopping complex in Shah Alam.

Located in the heart of the city and overlooking Shah Alam Lake (Taman Tasik), it is a very popular place for residents living in the Klang Valley.

This complex is an ideal place to buy traditional Malay clothing such as baju Melayu, kurung, kebaya, tudung, and many more.

There are many cafés and restaurants on the ground floor. Local and traditional snacks are also available here.

I love this mall but not too much.
Inside there are many clothing stores & several restaurants as well.
The last time I went there was with my wife. It’s Ramadan, so we went there to bring food for breaking the fast. Outside the PKNS Complex, a street food market is open, only for the month of Ramadan.
We brought food from there & visited the PKNS Complex. From there we took McDonald’s.
If I come again near this mall I would love to visit this mall again.

2. AEON MALL Shah Alam

Jln Akuatik 13/64, Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Selangor

Review tempat shopping  murah di Selangor

Just regular AEON Mall. Not as big as Aeon Mall Tebrau, Johor but better than Aeon Mall Bukit Tinggi, Klang.

One thing I love about this mall is the food court area on the ground floor. So many types to choose from.

Ample parking areas are available outside and within the mall itself. Cheap parking fees. No valet service

It is a big Mall. Lots of amenities and shops and stores. AEON itself serves a wide range of buyers.

The supermarket and 2 Food Halls are great. Not crowded. Lots of space in the Mall. Well, spread out. Plenty of car parking space

3. Setia City Mall

Shopping mall in Shah Alam

Pusat beli-belah dengan pelbagai kedai dan restoran kasual, serta kawasan berumput luaran dengan peralatan taman permainan.

Alamat: Persiaran Setia Dagang, Setia Alam, Shah Alam, Selangor
Telefon: 03-3375 8688

Review Pengguna

A leading shopping mall in the prosperous Setia Alam township. The CNY decoration with the theme “Taman Impian Megah” welcomes visitors to the central court.

An impressive 5 -story pagoda surrounded by a plum garden, and a stuffed tiger family. Suitable as a background for filming. Sukuan Hon

The new Setia town mall is bigger than before. Large space. A comfortable place for people who love shopping. Lots of shops n butics for shopping. Various food stalls n restaurants are also for food hunters. Maya Ayumie

4. Gem In Mall Cyberjaya

Address: Persiaran Sepang, Cyber 11,  Cyberjaya, Selangor


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It’s a good place. There are 4 restaurants in the jewel of the mall. There are also many badminton courts, indoor basketball courts, and two volleyball courts. Great place for indoor games. People can enjoy it anytime here with indoor games. rezn man


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