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Ingin mencari tempat shopping di Singapura (Singapore)? Di sini kami akan berikan beberapa Senarai tempat shopping yang agak murah dan barang berkualiti yang terdapat di Singapura.

Rasanya tempat ini adalah antara yang terbaik lah Jika anda ingin membeli belah di negara Singapura.

Bermacam-macam barang yang ada di jual dekat Mall ini termasuklah yang harga murah dan juga yang berharga agak mahal dan barang tersebut mempunyai brand yang terbaik ataupun jenama yang terbaik yang ada di Singapura.

tempat shopping di singapura
Tempat shopping di Singapura

Sekiranya anda ingin ke Singapura Jangan lupa untuk pergi ke tempat shopping yang kami akan senaraikan di bawah ini.

Kami berharap ianya akan menjadi rujukan penting bagi anda dari Malaysia yang ingin shopping ke negera Singapura.

Tempat shopping Ini kami perolehi daripada Carian Google dan ia mempunyai rating tinggi yang diberikan oleh pengguna-pengguna di sana.

Kami juga akan berikan review pengguna yang pernah shopping di pasaraya tersebut.

Tempat shopping di Singapura (Singapore)

1. Singapore Shopping Centre

Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239924

Singapore Shopping Centre Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239924
Singapore Shopping Centre


There are very good TCM clinics there. The Harmony TCM Clinic is the clinic that my family went to for treatment. The doctor is qualified and speaks English as well. Teophay

A beauty salon and several tuition centers. One or two places to eat small local food. There is an attractive Upstairs workplace with an upscale cafe serving western cinema and occasional shows. Akiko Jacqueline


2. Lucky Plaza – Salah satu tempat shopping di Singapura

SG, Orchard Rd, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863
Lucky Plaza Mall - Orchard Road, Singapore (12/Mar/17). - Picture of Lucky Plaza, Singapore - Credit to Tripadvisor
Lucky Plaza Mall – Credit to Tripadvisor


Lucky Plaza is a place where Filipino maids love to gather. It has very affordable shopping options for them. There are also many shops where they can send back money and objects at very affordable rates. Often very crowded on weekends.  cse1217

I really like this mall. You can find food and products from the Philippines. There are many delicious authentic Filipino food available at this mall. In addition, there are many other types of shops here as well. Always crowded and love the atmosphere. Din Neo

It’s definitely a place to go. We were here when we were young and now it still stands. There have been many changes and developments taking over old buildings but this happens all the time. We are sad to see some tenants closed due to the effects of the pandemic. But as a business, we are sad to see it happen. Hopefully, it will rise again and business owners can thrive with more human traffic. Hope the Best ?#piquedwanderer #fanwithsten #luckyplaza #orchardrd #orchardroad Piqued Wanderer

3. Bugis Street

3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867

Bugis Street Singapore - Credit to Yoshiaki kudo
Bugis Street Singapore – Credit to Yoshiaki kudo


Here are popular places where you can find unique, possibly fashionable street fashion (read non -branded fashion or maybe replicas. And it’s cheap, mostly)

I heard that many ambitious young local designers come here to cut their teeth.

They are here to showcase what they think of the clothes and shoes as well as the clothes you should be wearing and hope you agree with them. 🙂 (This thing was once told by friends a while back. Things may change and this young talent will probably be mobilized to operate online nowadays. Still, it’s a good place to check …. if you’ve given the vaccine ..)

Oh, I forgot to tell you, there are 3 levels here. (?)

The first floor is a hall -like fashion space shared with street food aisles (most of which have already been tasted by locals).

Continue to the next 2 floors Upstairs, you will find a place that is more like a maze of confusing, glittering, and maybe flashing clothes, shoes, whatever you wear on your body, coming to you.

Among these fashion stores there are must-have coffee shops, snack corners, arcade game machines, catch toy machines. Everything is at your leisure service.

Happy holidays there. 🙂

Kesimpulan tempat shopping di Singapura (Singapore)

Buat masa ini itu adalah di antara mall (tempat shopping di Singapura) yang terbaik yang kami rasa perlu kami bagi tahu kepada anda semua.

Kami akan menambah Senarai tempat shopping ini dari semasa ke semasa pada masa yang akan datang.

Semoga artikel ini boleh membantu anda mencari tempat shopping terbaik di Singapore.