Tayangan Pertama Kuala Lumpur (lebih baik daripada Singapura dan New York?)

Tayangan Pertama Kuala Lumpur (lebih baik daripada Singapura dan New York?)

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Saya tidak pernah ke Kuala Lumpur, tetapi saya dalam perjalanan perniagaan di sini kali ini! Saya akan menunjukkan kepada anda hari saya di Malaysia, makanan tempatan, tempat yang sejuk, dan tanggapan pertama saya tentang Kuala Lumpur. Saya juga meneroka bandar dan membandingkan Kuala Lumpur dengan Singapura, jadi… Enjoy! TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 INTRO 00:53 Kesan pertama Kuala Lumpur 01:19 China Town di KL 03:13 Hotel di Kuala Lumpur 05:14 Makanan di Malaysia 06:53 KLCC 08:58 Kuala Lumpur pada waktu malam LIHAT SETERUSNYA: Mengapa Saya Berpindah ke SINGAPURA dari EROPAH dan TIDAK PERNAH kembali: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99_X_7pbiGg Kebaikan & Keburukan Hidup di Singapura sebagai Warga Asing: https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=x2dBNXN2Cwo Apakah $4,500,000 Membeli Anda di Singapura: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQHciPJS1Jc JOM BERSAHABAT: ► Instagram Saya (gunakan butang terjemah untuk membaca siaran ): https:// www.instagram.com/chernov_networking ► Permintaan berkaitan penajaan: maxim.chernov.msc@gmail.com Hey! Saya Max. Saluran ini adalah mengenai kehidupan dan perniagaan di Singapura, serta negara Asia Tenggara yang lain. Saya menemu bual orang yang memberi inspirasi dan bertanya kepada mereka soalan rumit. Nikmati! 🙂 #kualalumpur #MaxChernov #Singapore


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Bumi Mutiara Jaya Enterprise 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

With RM 500 u can live in 5 star hotel with awesome klcc view .. in Singapore with the same amount of money u live in budget hotel 😭

Rozlan Zainal Abidin 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM


Expatriate Car Rental- RentCar Com SG /Singapore 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

petronas twin towers you claim to be same as singapore MBS. Hahaha..

Everett Yeoh 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Was expecting street burger. Or Ramly Burger. Or roadside stall burger. I'm surprised, none featured here. Also, it's only available in the evening onwards. In most places.

Cheng Ong 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

To be honest Malaysia is getting more foreign travellers compare to the last 10 years.

Maiming Yinxing 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

KL is one ugly dirty chaotic showy mess of a city.

Jojo 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

1.45…then you must know why do they do it on purpose 😄..the antenna is like 1st msia prime minister the late Tunku Abd Rahman's hand when he raise his hand while he chanting independence at stadium merdeka next to PNB118..btw welcome to msia 😃

edit: lucu tgk msian and sngporean dlm komen gaduh mcm budak² 😆biasa la adik abg after all we still need each other

Kris B 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

im addicted to both SG and KL, both are so awesome and so different.

Violent Cabbage 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

KL offers similar standard of living as in Singapore at a fraction of the price. US$2000 per month is more than enough to live comfortably in KL

Ahyap Chow 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Kuala Lumpur they have larger spaces, just imagine if Singapore have large space go without saying Go Singapore 👍👍🇸🇬

Luxury VIP Lifestyle 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Super Thanks and we need and wish 8K Photos or videos in Real Best 8K 60fps or 120fps HDR10+ resolution clarity quality and Sound in full HD 3D Stereo Surround , Soon Please.

Dear Winnie 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Thanks for showing the beauty of Malaysia. There are so many more great places to visit here. Hope you have a great time here

Not my Name 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

No worries, ants here are chaotic evil. We all suffer from them too

Rida Bahar 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

I am in kuala Lumpur i never see you before in 2 weeks ago

Zack Haziq 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Done subscribe and welcome to Malaysia 🇲🇾💖

human 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Malaysia is muslim dominant country right ?

Wesley Stevens 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Great video. New “like” and subscriber here. My best to you and your video production team.

1yanfei 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

SG more clean, high currency, more structure, good education, safer, good governing, multicultural, bla bla bla But….malaysia food still the best 😋! 😄!

Jeremy Choong 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Just subscribe your channel to support your team. Welcome to KL

RISING STAR MELINE 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

So big buildings

Sue 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Maybe next time try to explore other states such as kelantan, terengganu, perlis to see the difference u can feel the vibe of kampung area soo peaceful and calm.

Abang Bujang 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

singapore is rich country.. but the people inside.. uuhhhhh… extremely rude

Yasin Affandi 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Thanks for sharing this wonderful video n for showing your explorations in KL., Malaysia.

AzmeeL OthmaN 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

I like your style, very cool n calm… have a memorable moment in 🇲🇾.

Yattmann Tatt 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Work in Singapore
Party in Bangkok

Then settle down in Kuala lumpur

nelayan bimbang 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Selamat Datang ke Malaysia 🇲🇾
Uraaaaa… 💪🏻

DT 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Wow, you lived in SG long enough you've became Kiasu too. Happens to everyone, who moves there, very petty.

6 9 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

KL is for cheap westerners.Just pray ur flight don’t go missing

fyzal lyfe 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

yes just subscribed to your channel. enjoy Kl!

Tzatziki V 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

I would LOVE to spend time there! I remember at the start of my career in teaching, I was offered a job in Jakarta, not Malaysia I know, but nearby, but I chose Italy instead, with the intention of gaining some experience before moving on to Greece, Taiwan and then Malaysia. I ended up staying in Italy, haha. I sometimes kick myself at the thought that I missed that initial opportunity but I hope there will be some chance for me to live in or at least visit Malaysia in the future. It looks like the most perfect place on Earth. ❤

Eva 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

I love to live in KL but mainly for the people. The city itself is ugly, please show me a beautiful area in this city? I wouldn't recommend it to Tourists , nothing to see! Sorry, just stating a fact!

RichyRich 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

I lived in 2001 in KL and worked there 6 month. It was like a dream coming from Germany.

Norhaslina Hasan 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

Do come to Malaysia again

Brother SMan 23/05/2023 at 6:16 AM

KL is my favourite city then Bangkok 2nd and Singapore 3rd – Cities in South East Asia are just amazing

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