Saya Melawat Pusat Beli Belah TERBESAR di Bali : Living World Denpasar

Saya Melawat Pusat Beli Belah TERBESAR di Bali : Living World Denpasar

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Bagaimana rupa Pusat Membeli-belah Terbesar di Bali, Indonesia. Living World Denpasar dibuka pada Mac 2023 sebagai pusat membeli-belah terbesar di pulau Bali. Bagaimana rupanya di dalam. Kedai apa yang buka, macam mana rupa medan selera. Patutkah anda melawatnya? 📍 Peta Google Lokasi: Cara anda boleh menyokong saya dan saluran: 💳 (Deposit Bank Rusia) SberBank: +7 916-313-0982 💳 (Sediakan kebanyakannya untuk bahasa Rusia) ☕Beli saya Coke (Kopi) 🛒 Beli barang di Amazon: 💵 PayPal (Bukan Rusia) 🔔Langgan saluran: 🔔 Sertai saluran ini untuk mendapatkan akses kepada faedah: Pautan Sosial Saya: ✈ Kumpulan Telegram: 📫 E-mel: ——— ————————————————- ————————————————- ———- Semua bahan yang saya gunakan untuk merakam Video YouTube saya: Samsung S9+: Tripod Mini: Lekapan Kamera: Mikrofon Rode: Kabel Rode Patch: 3 Axis Gimble: Moment Case: Moment Fisheye Lens: Moment Wide Lensa Sudut: Penafian: Beberapa pautan yang disediakan dalam penerangan video ini adalah pautan gabungan. Ini bermakna saya menerima komisen yang kecil untuk setiap pembelian. ————————————————- ————————————————- ——————- #bali #travellingwithrussell #livingworlddenpasar


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Travelling with Russell 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Have you been to this mall already? What did you think, comment below or join the conversation at:

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Ping Wah HUI 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Have you seen any authorized money changer at Living World?

Ron Piltzer 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

We should give a damn???

Ron Piltzer 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Dying island

FlLady20 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

I like all your videos and how friendly you are! 🙂

lenna morena 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

I meet you at living world you take video and i call you . But you stil focus with content sucsess full for you sir

Equalizer 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Nice video, that's an excellent shopping mall, I love the open plan and also the fact that there's no KFC, McDonald's etc.
The carpark is excellent, I love the way it's constructed, but just imagine people from a certain country getting in there with their high powered vehicles, the first thing they'd do is try and leave tyre/skid marks on that beautiful floor…

colour 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Go to 👉 east java, borobudur temple

Guy.L 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

I thought you were going home for a visit before going back to Russia?

Ryantrev88 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Great vlog

Joe Sangrigoli 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Wouldn’t go back to Bali even if you paid my trip 👎

Johnnie Martynov 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Nice and interesting video, but I got hungry in second half. 😀

Biskett75 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Thanks for the video. Just one question. Do the have lifts. My wife can’t do escalators.

Carol Hooper 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Great video Russell. Looks awesome.

Bear Bull Cruising 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Hey Russell, thank you for the video and the tour of the large shopping center. That was cool and I do remember that song, informer. So I thought that was funny when you started to sing a couple of notes of the song lyrics I should say anyway thanks for the video.

S H 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Hi, it’s Uniqlo with a Q and not UniGLOW! 😊

Ayu Wayan 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Thanks you for your video ❤❤❤, I was in Bali but no chance to go there yet😅😅 will visit the Mall soon

Nick Smith 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Durian's the best. Nature's custard in a pouch 😊

There's a Uniglo at Level 21 Mall. It's been there a while.

💰 Make $685 Daily 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." *Colin R. Davis

Andrew Wilks 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

You are welcome! Thank you Russell. Love this video and the beautiful scenes of Indonesia.

Andrew Wilks 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

I am familiar with the durian fruit. I remember watching Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman years back and one of episodes featured the durian and remember it being mentioned in show that due to smell, durian not being allowed in hotels. What was mentioned here brings back memories of that show. That was a great show where Andrew traveled world experiencing the differing cultures and trying all the different foods the differing cultures eat. Miss that show!

Inal Inarokov 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM
Andrew Wilks 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

All the cakes, pastries, fruits, and fruit juices look really good and delicious!

Uncle Chan Bali 23/05/2023 at 4:07 AM

Yes it was so big I was there a week ago

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