Perjalanan Amazon Mesti Ada Bagasi Anda

Perjalanan Amazon Mesti Ada Bagasi Anda


Perjalanan Amazon Mesti Ada untuk membawa anda! → Travel Essentials Amazon Storefront: ♡ PAUTAN KEPADA SEMUA DI BAWAH ♡ _________________________________________________________________ Penganjur Barang Kemas Sampul: Penganjur Barang Kemas Jelas: Kaca Hitam Penganjur: Automizer Minyak Wangi: Drink Caddy: Beg Weekender (M) : Beg Jelas: Beg Mekap Hijau: Pemegang Berus Silikon: Blender Kecantikan Silikon Pendirian: Pemancar Fon Kepala Bluetooth: Ikatan Zip Silikon: Penyusun Kord: Pengecas Mudah Alih: Beg Beg: Penyapu Mata: → Tonton Video Perjalanan Amazon saya yang lain: _____________________________________________________ UNTUK PERTANYAAN PERNIAGAAN SAHAJA: KEDAI ∙PENAMPILAN SAYA: ∙DEPAN KEDAI AMAZON : IKUTI SAHAJA : → Instagram: → TikTok: → Blog: → Pinterest: CAMERA GEAR ——————————– — —– Mengandungi Pautan Gabungan. Muzik: Bunyi Epidemik



  1. With work travel back in full swing, your travel videos are great….downside for me, I buy it all…or at least most of the items…but everything is what I wish I would’ve had on recent trips 😅

  2. Loved all of these and I actually bought a few of these last year or the year before. And yep such a lifesaver. The one item I’m obsessed with is that weekender bag. Perfect timing too because the one I have the handles broke so this is a excuse to get this one 😅 Thanks for all the tips. 😊

  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! Dana! I’m buying must of the items. I also like the outfit you are wearing when you presented the cup holder! Can you share where you got it 😊

  4. Are you allowed to go inside the airplane with the carry on and the travel bag you showed? I have a trip soon and wanted to make sure both are allowed so I don’t have to check in any luggage.

  5. You can clean out the atomizers with rubbing alcohol in a body spray bottle – if you remove the spray bit on top it's the same as a perfume bottle.

  6. Great tips Thanks , I am purchasing a few things from Amazon for my trip to Positano so excited 🥳🥳🥳🏝🏝

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