Pangsapuri $900 kami di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2023

Pangsapuri $900 kami di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2023

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Kami tinggal di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia selama sebulan dan berkongsi pengalaman kami sebagai warga asing. TONTON SETERUSNYA: Berapa MAHAL KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA pada 2023? $220 Lawatan Pangsapuri & Kejiranan di Antalya, Turki $330 Lawatan Pangsapuri & Kehidupan harian di Da Nang, Vietnam $400-$600 Memburu pangsapuri di Nha Trang, Vietnam (10 pangsapuri, pemandangan laut yang gila) Teroka Asia SE: Filipina -CY4V7ZbZ Malaysia Thailand Vietnam Vietnam ialah Olga dan Rene. Selepas menghabiskan 1 tahun di Turki, kami kini mengembara mencari rumah selama-lamanya. 6 bulan akan datang kita akan meneroka Asia Tenggara. Langgan untuk mengetahui perkara yang berubah di sini dalam tempoh 2 tahun yang lalu! Kami akan membandingkan negara seperti Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Filipina dengan keadaan sebelum 2020 dan sekarang pada 2023. Harga, kos sara hidup, kehidupan harian kita sebagai orang asing. Video UTAMA kami: DIROMPAK pada HARI PERTAMA di Hanoi Vietnam (310k tontonan) Jangan jatuh cinta dengan PENIPUAN ini di Turki. Tonton sebelum melancong! (270k paparan) Harga di Turki Sekarang. Krisis Lira Turki (200k tontonan) Langgan Surat Berita PERCUMA kami untuk kandungan dan kemas kini eksklusif Ingin menyokong kami membuat lebih banyak video seperti ini? Jadi ahli di Patreon Januari 2023 adalah mengenai Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ia adalah bandar yang popular untuk orang yang melancong di Asia Tenggara atau ingin menjadikan Malaysia rumah kedua mereka. Bagaimana keadaan Kuala Lumpur hari ini pada tahun 2023? Adakah mahal, berapa harga untuk makanan, barangan runcit, makan di luar, pengangkutan awam, kad SIM? Apakah jenis pilihan makanan yang anda akan ada di Malaysia? Dapatkan bagasi kami di sini (Diskaun 10% Kod “Olga10”). Semakan bagasi SELEPAS penerbangan (lebih baik daripada yang kita sangka) #malaysia #kualalumpur #travel Langgan Facebook dan Instagram: https://www.


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Olga Pro. Going places 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

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$330 Apartment Tour & Daily life in Da Nang, Vietnam 👉
$400-$600 Apartment hunting in Nha Trang, Vietnam (10 apartments, crazy sea views) 👉

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We are Olga and Rene. After spending 1 year in Turkey we are now traveling looking for our forever home. Next 6 months we will explore SE Asia. Subscribe to find out what changed here in the last 2 years! We will compare countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines to how they were before 2020 and now in 2023. Prices, cost of living, our daily life as foreigners.

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Rona Competente 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Very interesting to watch 💜

Cece Connie 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Actually quite like this place from your video. looking to buy a holiday home

Aк. Ак. 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Sorry to hear about your experience. I have been to Kuala Lumpur 9 times. Only once I had a similar experience. Most of the time I stayed a bit closer to the petronas towers. 8/9 times my experience was a 5/5 ⭐️. The price seems a bit steep as well.

Kelly Morris 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

it’s too expensive for that price you guys could have a triple better one in Kuala Lumpur find another one there are plenty of better one with a good surrounding and save pedestrian they are many selections

Trashy Confession 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

I happen to stay in one of the unit there and yes I agree the place is dusty and not maintained properly. Probably because it is old building. But nonetheless, the host/owner should clean the place before the renter check in.

HaHa 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

thailand is better, malaysia is overated

Darren SK Chew 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

It's unfortunate that you have rented a bad conditioned unit from the landlord

Nevezla 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

wow thank you, i was literally just about the book that airbnb for 1 month! looked great in photos, but after watching that NOWAY! thank god im taking it elsewhere! broken ripped table clothes roaches in the sinks dirty walls, no balcony and poor cleaning service i would suffer 1 month. thank you very much for this video.

sshok 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Its expensive.. one can get much better deal for the price you paid. Even the FF&E is dated and not good quality.

Santai Bersama AR 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Did you manage to get a better apartment after that?

Umi & Abi Land 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

U are unlucky. Please use speed home apps

Mei Harris 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

How funny! We stayed there in 2017; don’t remember how much we paid but the place was so run down. The gym had old equipments and not maintained. The infinity pool looked really nice in pictures but in reality it was small and so crowded! However, the view of twin towers from our apartment was very nice! Other plus was close to the subway station and the mall is just next door.

visva nathan 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Don't buy there go to 99 speedmart is cheaper,why is the rent stated in $

Damien Chua 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Im from kuala lumpur, u hv gotten a bad deal 900 usd is very expensive for this condo unit.. definitely the owner has taken u for a ride. The owner should also hv cleaned up nicely for u.. u can definitely get newer & nicer unit for the price u paid

Faizul 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

hi I'm from Indonesia, I think I saw u two 3 weeks ago on the Monorail, Imbi KL 😁😁

Jiji Azizie 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

900usd i can get a better place,like more spacious 1000-1200sq

Belunu 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

There are so many good apartments and service suits that are gorgeous in KL for USD900. This is a bad deal.

lawrence castro 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Hello..I'm Lawrence from the Philippines.. Can you be my friend

Mahmood Malik 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Do you think you were better off in Antalya?

Jay Que 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Omg which condo is this please?

Suriani Muda 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

You should stay at THE FACE PLATINIUM. I stayed there almost a month. Im Malaysian and from Terengganu. I stayed there when my korean friend came to KL.

Suriani Muda 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

900USD is expensive for rent that house.
You can get better house for that price.

Debbie 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Ur condo has nice view.

J Loh 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Is there no reviews before booking? That is truly very bad maintenance of the unit. Looking at the sofa is so bad ! 😳😳😳

Please ask the owner to keep the house well maintained.
In Malaysia it's so important to look at the previous travellers staycation reviews . Otherwise, go for hotel is better for comfortability.

M Farhan M Fazli 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

If you’re looking for expat place, please visit Desa Park City. Trust me, you won’t regret it

Lata Menon 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Was it 900ringgit or 900usd?
Regalia is one of the oldest placeit is a nice plsce the area is pre independece days
1 month is always expensive if direct from owner but abnb no!

Caroline Matta 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

It seems you’re paying for the infinity pool and the view. Apartment is disappointing.

Kc Liew 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Sorry you have paying too much! $900 wow crazy and no normal entrance 😪

Mppauh 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM


L WIN 16/03/2023 at 5:28 AM

Beautiful 👍👍👍

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