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Homestay berkonsepkan Jepun di Kundasang! Homestay tersorok di bukit Kundasang. Hidden Hill Homestay, Kundasang Sabah ——- tags: hidden hill, japan, japan, japan, homestay japan, japan homestay, yukata, cosplay, kundasang, sabah, kundasang sabah, kota kinabalu, sabah, malaysia, nelson michael , nelson michael jr, nelson michael vlog, sabah youtube, sabah youtuber, sabah vlog, sabah vlogger, sabahan vlog, sabah vlogger, sabah tour, sabah tour, malaysia tour, malaysia tour, malaysia —— – My vlog channel : Facebook: Nelson Michael Jr Instagram: @nelsonmichaeljr #hiddenhill #kundasang #sabah



  1. 4 hari yang lalu baru ja blik dri kundasang.trip Ngan kawan 1 kerja Ngan suami.kami menginap homestay bensin.memang best👍.cuma kmi first time dtg ke Kundasang memang sejuk bila malam tmbh2 lagi hujan🥶.nda dapat pgi semua tempat sbb jalan berbukit dan kereta tak dapat naik.pgi pun mana yg boleh saja😆🤭

  2. Sometime people do not understand, why we can't follow or do not need to follow exactly 80%-100% like in Japan.

    Firstly, you may need some understanding of their culture and whether you are able adapt to their lifestyle or culture before you place a booking for a stay at their homestay? So is it what we're seeking for when we wanna book a night at this place? I think most of us just want to have a good place to stay and with certain themes for photo shooting .

    So are you guys intended to attend a class during your trip on how to read Japanese? How to use their products & facilities (eg. how the Japanese's Smart toilet works with all the fancy buttons?)?

    Do you guys think Malaysian able to take care or maintain of a single vending machine without someone vandalizing them?

    Do not always think that Japanese only use Sliding Door and less using Hinged Door. It's depends on your theme, area, and your living space (maybe the causes of security purpose as well).

    Just appreciate people's effort and don't always make comparison with (Eg. Malaysia's Japanese Restaurants vs Japan's Restaurants).

    Just my point of view. If you're able to afford a trip to Japan, just go to experience the real thing (visit JAPAN) & and not hope to get the same experience locally.

    Thanks and have a nice stay~

  3. 480 satu malam. you're paying for the views and ambiance. this unit looks better than my airbnb in Tokyo lol. bagi saya harga tu berbaloi kalau boleh muat 4 dewasa + agak besar + dapur + view yg cantik. construction tu nasib sajalah. siapa nasib baik, waktu dia datang tak ada construction. tapi kalau nak feel jepun, lagi best kalau dalam bilik mandi ada bath tub jepun. nak ekstra lagi, tambah washlet (toilet automatik) hahaha

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