Kesan Pertama Kuala Lumpur (dia berpindah ke Malaysia untuk suaminya)

Kesan Pertama Kuala Lumpur (dia berpindah ke Malaysia untuk suaminya)

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Saya bertemu dengan 3 keluarga muda yang tinggal di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kami bercakap tentang kos sara hidup di Malaysia, yang paling tulen …



  1. My late Singaporean sister used to tell me, how lucky we are living in Malaysia….. SGD50 cannot go far with grocery shopping…. moreover medical is too expensive. Any admission to hospitals (govt. Hospitals too, first thing they will ask is …. "do you have cpf? No cpf, credit cards, bank cards to show amount of money etc.
    In Malaysia, treatment at govt. Hospitals are free unless of course, you seek treatment at private hospitals..
    I understand alot many Singaporeans are seeking medical treatments at hospitals in johor bahru

  2. Not comparing countries, but personally I prefer a safer environment for my family, better education for my kids and accessibility to amenities…

  3. Bro👉make content to discredit other countries, your content discredits the country of other countries, change your behavior and respect other countries. The way you stay with PROVOCATION STYLE 🔥 youtubers make content to discredit the country of Malaysia, news 🔥 hoax🫵🤥

  4. Many don't know that Malaysia has an extraordinary beauty of the oldest rainforest in the world..the serene and peaceful of virgin forest and lake in Tasik Banding Hutan Belum in Gerik, Perak, Taman Negara in Pahang, Tasik Kenyir in Terengganu..Genting Highland, Cameron Highland, Maxwell Hills, Fraser's Hills, Mount Kinabalu, Semporna island, so much more natural beauty of the country which you can't find them in Singapore..
    Yes, Singapore is clean because it's a small island and literally by compound anyone on the spot if they litter any bit of rubbish even a cigarette butt or just spitting on the got to pay the fine and have to sweep the premises after that.. ☺️

  5. One foreigner told me, Singapore is a place to earn money, Thailand is for vacation, Malaysia is for peaceful leaving
    He lives South East Asia

  6. Awesome video! Mr Angelo really nailed it about Msia style..Respect la brother 🫡🫡..Your video is one of a kind the content is so much different than other Youtuber..I am a Sarawakian and I am proud to be a Malaysian. Malaysia truly Asia..Congrats bro you got a new subscriber!!

  7. Over the years, Malaysians of all races and religions have learnt to live quite comfortably with each other. They have mastered the skill of not hurting one another’s feelings on subjects such as race and religion and that is why, compared to other countries in the world which have the kind of religious and racial mix we have, Malaysia has probably the best record for harmonious inter–ethnic, inter–religious relations.

    Malaysia is not perfect, certainly, but it is closer to perfection than any other country I know.

  8. Men's choose Thailand, Indonesia compare to Malaysia..because Malaysia's quite strict on drugs, alcohol and prostitution..not that, foreigners can't find it..but, much more spaces at those countries..women's might chose Singapore better than us..because of modern lifestyle and safety..that's the perspective they considered..

    Most of our foreigners in family package.or doing some job or studying…

    Maybe, Malaysia not doing their promotion well..Malaysia just being recognised because their airplanes lost and bombed..or 1MDB issue..

  9. Don't you dare call me, Aunty!!
    Call me Sis, Ms or Ma'am..but don't call me Aunty. Only my nieces and nephews can call me Aunty. "Aunty" ages me.

  10. Great content ! But heyyy come on your clips on the east coast island definitely not the locations that you mentioned .. those are not footages of pangkor, tenggol, redang and tioman!

  11. Interesting to hear him say KL “grow upward”… which is very true. More and more tall buildings are being built. Whereas Kuching, my home State’s capital, grows outward.

  12. Only KL can be used to compare Singapore, although Malaysia has everything. Not only are there Malays, Indians, and Chinese, but there are also other races, including bigger tribes like those in Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia is very different from Singapore. Malaysia have large several islands, as well as tall mountains like Mount Kinabalu and chilly locations such at Genting, Cameron, and Ranau. Not suitable when compared together

  13. Another hidden spots very close to KL is Bukit Cerakah in Shah Alam, where there's paintball fields and Skytex canopy challenges. And also the various hiking and trekking to the waterfalls and hillside around Selangor, like Sungai Pisang in Gombak, waterfalls of Hulu Langat, Sungai Chilling and fish sanctuary, Bukit Tabur in Ampang which is famous for rock climbing etc. Going further north is Sungai Gopeng white water rafting in Perak, all these can be done in a day and there's usually a group that organized these hikes with scouts and Red Cross or St John Ambulance members in the group. That's how I used to spend my weekends when I was working in KL back before the pandemic, good old times.

  14. Singapore cleanlines by force, malaysian cleanlines by everyone volunteering to do it. Try throws some sweet in singapore you will get fine from nowhere, in malaysia, you will get cursed by doing it 🤣🤣🤣

  15. I would definitely choose Malaysia over Singapore to live. It’s much more bigger, diverse and beautiful and everything is cheaper and friendlier. Yes Singapore is super clean and organized, but Malaysia wins in most aspects.

  16. let me give you a good reason why visiting the islands in malaysia is almost the best. You won't even need to pay a dime for enjoying the beach, like any beach. Try going to Indonesia or Thailand, almost like a beggar society which might irritate you. I never like those harrassment culture. They take your as their ATM. You can camp at Malaysia beach for free

  17. My aunty has 5 kids.
    1st kid – sent to malay school
    2nd kid – sent to arabic school
    3rd kid – sent to indian school
    4th kid – sent to chinese school
    5th kid – sent to malay school

    So when the kids get into sibling-fighting, they fight and scream and yelling to each other like chicken and duck, goat and cow! Using different languages! 😂😂😂

  18. He's right. I'm from the East Coast Peninsular (specifically Kuantan,Pahang). We are much more friendly & culture than the KL folks. The food is 100% delicacy, the vibe and the beaches/islands are simply calm. Next time you are on the road, come visit the East Coast States.

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