1. It’s hilarious that you bought a cheese slicer: when we visited Norway in 2020 esch of the three holiday apartments we stayed at has two cheese slicers each, so we decided it was a mandatory tax in Norway. Every apartment needs two cheese slicers, along with your rifle and skis. Perhaps on Svalbard you‘re allowed to just have one.

  2. Why cant you bring guns into the supermarket? You’re all walking around with them outside anyway so what’s the difference? Genuinely curious.

  3. Our grocery shop usually costs £125 a week for 2 of us in UK and I felt that was more that I'd like to pay LOL. It used to be just under £100, but those days are gone now 🙁

  4. I’ve loved Wasa “crackers” for as long as I can remember. I put some cream cheese on them, cucumber slices and started putting everything bagel seasoning on there when that became a thing 👌 10/10

  5. De e roligt att lyssna på dej när du pratar så bra engelska å rätt som de är så dyker det upp ett helsvenskt ord rent uttalat. 😊. Och ja, maten e dyr nu. Inget vidare…

  6. Prices are comparable …the most I've paid for eggs in the last few months was 4.89 for 18.
    They are a little less now, they say it was chicken flu that kept prices up…
    You have a great selection🙋🏽‍♀️

  7. We live in a " Lower cost of living " area in the US and are prices are way higher. Eggs are $8 a dozen and still rising. Some people are paying over $12 a dozen on eggs in the states. An item that use to be fairly cheap. Prices rise almost weekly and have for years. It cost a fortune for us to get groceries.

  8. Mmmm I love wasa crackers! 😋 For some odd reason, I always thought it was a Canadian thing. Glad I am wrong though.

  9. These prices are better than where i live. However, that's nothing new to me – it's always been that way.

    Love that everyone walks around walks around with firearms. Everyone is so responsible. 💖

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