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How to Get CHEAP Flight Tickets πŸ’Έ VPN For Cheap Flights 2023

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Not many people know this, but there are some tips that can teach you how to find cheap flights in minutes. Today I’m going to show you my cheap flight booking tricks that can take the stress out of traveling and keep more money in your pocket. Maybe many of you are wondering, why do we have cheap tickets? Flight prices should be the same everywhere! Well, there are many reasons why ticket prices differ: specific dates, (such as weekends or holidays), currency fluctuations and location popularity. So now that we know how airlines track you, how to get cheap flights even then? Well, the first trick I always try is to clear my cookies, and delete my browser history and cache. Airline sites are notorious for monitoring users’ browsing history, and if you end up checking the same flight multiple times, they’ll automatically raise the price. Clearing your data history will help prevent this and using incognito mode in the future will prevent it from happening again. How does local pricing work? Ok makes sense, but how does the airline know which country I’m booking from? Again, there are several ways they can determine this but it usually boils down to your IP address, cookies, mobile tracking or your wifi connection. Which VPN can help with cheap tickets? Using a VPN for traveling is actually easier than you think, for example, let’s download my pick, NordVPN. Not only do I find Nord to be one of the best VPNs for travel options, but I also prefer using it in my daily life because it comes with a variety of security features and is really user-friendly. How to use VPN to get cheap flights Okay now that I have downloaded nord vpn, let’s check where to find cheap flights. I will choose any random server, for example, Brazil, and now I can write the prices of the flights that I found using this location. Now I’m going to clear my cookies, make sure you don’t forget to do this, otherwise the data can be tracked and affect the final flight price. Great, now you can repeat this process with as many servers as you want until you find the best option. This is not the best way to get last minute cheap flights. \TIMESTAMPS// 0:00 Introduction 0:24 Why are some flights more expensive? 0:58 How to get cheap flight tickets? 2:00 VPN for travel: how to use NordVPN for cheap flights? 2:47 Which country is the cheapest to buy a ticket? 3:15 Is VPN legal to use to buy cheap tickets? 3:35 Best VPN for booking cheap flights? 4:10 Surfshark for cheap tickets: is it good? 5:27 Conclusion Affiliate link disclaimer: If you click the link in the description and get a VPN, we may receive a commission. With that said, we don’t let brands dictate what we think – if we say it, it means it’s what we truly believe. Buying through our links will not cost you extra and in fact, the cost may be lower due to discounts. VISIT our website:

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It does not work for me even when I use the VPN. What am I doing wrong 😭😭😭

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Do you no longer recommend private Internet access VPN?

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