Harga Beli Belah Di BANGKOK |  Kualiti & Petua |  Pasaran Terbaik Pada 2023 #livelovethailand

Harga Beli Belah Di BANGKOK | Kualiti & Petua | Pasaran Terbaik Pada 2023 #livelovethailand

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  1. One mall that I shopped was the MBK Center Mall but on my next trip, I will go to the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Bought some items and souvenirs. Thanks Arsen!

  2. Hi, How much should I need for 5 days in Thailand? is 30,000 Bath enough? Budget vacation only.

    Please accept me on IG too, I'm a new subscriber and follower.

  3. Pajamas and T-shirts, in my opinion, are not worth 100 baht because they are not made of cotton. It is of comparable quality to China. Bags and shoes, on the other hand, are reasonably priced.

  4. Another cheaply farang y t .. exploit Thai.. if u r decent , bk to own country n live decent as a man god made u..

  5. Hello Arsen, how are you? Thank you again for a very interesting vlog. Yes you are 100 per cent right. Been to MBK so many times…of course the ground floor has promotional prices …but not always. I have never been to Chatachuk market …it looks great and great prices. That will be my next stop when I get back to BKK. Have a nice day and take care always

  6. Hi Arson, how abt the daily necessity grocery, toilette n pre cook food stuff where is cheapest in. Tq. Interested to find more.

  7. I dont need to shopping in Bangkok coz I m from Bangladesh as u know Bangladesh is world largest garments manufacturing country. Tourist come here for shopping world class quality products from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I always wear our manufacturers products where ever I visit. Dhaka is the shopping paradise for all.

  8. I stayed at the Prince Palace Hotel – Bobae Market district. Great clothing prices & the Hotel is a screaming deal. A bit of an old graying lady but superb pools, and conveniently located on 2 canals with ferries! On both the (Express) Bus routes from Survarnabhumi & Don Muang. I routinely paid less than us$20…but nowadays its closer to $25-30.

  9. Great video once again! We have just started our own travel vlog channel and are currently in Thailand! If anybody here is able to check us out we appreciate any support!😊

  10. What's the name of the souvenir shop where you bought the thailand bag? Where everything under 100bt? Any hints of the exact location please?

  11. How is it that you’ve lived in bkk for years..?? I’ve watched for a long time. Are you married to Thai or something?

  12. For sure the mall prices can be quite steep , same as in any city .. the most expensive thing I have bought here was a Levi jacket for my gf 😂😊😮

  13. I guess it can be as expensive as you want it to be .. I been here 2 months , i buy the odd thing more than cheaply yes , but I can get decent shorts at 50-100b and t shirts 100-200.. food 50-150 per meal ..

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