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Examination of 2 Foreigners Killed in a Bali Hotel, Fatal Wounds from Sharp Weapons Found

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BALI, KOMPAS.TV – RSUP Forensic Medicine Prof Ngurah Denpasar revealed the results of the external examination, from the remains of two Chinese Foreign Nationals found at the Jimbaran Intercontinental Hotel Bali. From the examination, it was revealed that there was an open wound suspected to have been caused by a sharp weapon. RSUP Forensic Medicine Installation Head Prof Ngurah Denpasar said that several wounds were found on the remains of female foreigners. Namely bruises on the left side and both arms, as well as lacerations on the neck. Meanwhile, in the body of the male WNA, open wounds were found on the right and left side of the victim’s neck. The open wound, suspected to be the result of a sharp weapon. Also Read The Story Of A Taxi Driver Victim Of Persecution By A Police Car Driver When Exiting Toll Road To Tomang in However, the exact cause of the death of the two Chinese nationals has not been ascertained. Currently, the second body is still in the Forensic Medicine Installation room of RSUP Prof Ngurah Denpasar. So what about the efforts to uncover the mystery of the death of these 2 Chinese foreigners? We asked the KompasTV journalist, Permana Dewi, who is at the Bali police station, Denpasar. This article can be viewed at:

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