Donna Vekic lwn Lin Zhu - Sorotan Perlawanan

Donna Vekic lwn Lin Zhu – Sorotan Perlawanan

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Tonton Sorotan Perlawanan daripada Donna Vekic lwn. Lin Zhu daripada Abierto GNP Seguros 2023 di Monterrey. Langgan WTA di YouTube: Ikuti WTA di Facebook: Ikuti WTA di Twitter: Ikuti WTA di Instagram: Lagi Video:



  1. I ve always seen an amazing potential in donna's game but maybe due to injuries she couldn't compete well now it seems that things have started to click for her
    i hope she could keep this amazing form and why not reach top 10

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  3. let's go donna πŸ”₯

    on a side note though, Zhu I have to say, I thought that AO run was one o those one time streaks from lower class players. but she has been backing that up with respectable and consistent results. other ladies better watch out

  4. Good to see Vekic playing at the high level that is is capable of playing again! Also, Zhu has been on a steady inline herself this season, too.

  5. I like how Donna switches up defensive high balls with flat strikers, then drop shots and lobs. Makes it more interesting to watch

  6. Donna looked pretty good here, and not because she won, but that she made some, or many, well placed shots. Congrats on making the final.
    Congrats to you, too, Lin, on making this semi final.
    Donna vs Caroline final.
    I love it!

  7. It's great to see Donna fighting at the front like this again, and Zhu continuing on her with her success this year. They've both earned their rankings.

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