De Minaur Battles Paul |  Sorotan Akhir Acapulco 2023

De Minaur Battles Paul | Sorotan Akhir Acapulco 2023

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  1. I don't know about others but Acapulco semifinals and final was better than Dubai semifinals and final tbh. People really underestimated them because they are not top players.

  2. Alex’s athleticism and acclimation to hot and humid conditions got him through today. His serve power has also increased immensely over the last year

  3. Well Done mate… Great strategy.. knew his opponent was extremely tired so its the right play to let him play more shots and eventually make more errors.. broke his opponents will…

  4. Congrats to Alex. Big fan here from the states. Great job putting away Rune in the semi's and then taking care of Paul to win your first 500!!

  5. Very few commentators here actually understand tennis. Given De Minaur's built, it is quite amazing what he has achieved in tennis. To win matches at this level without a major weapon is absolutely incredible.

  6. I just wish De Minaur didn't "hide" behind his cap all the time. He's a good looking dude and I think opponents would fear him more if he looked cooler, with a bandana maybe. Now he just kind of looks like a dufus with no personality. But hats off to him (no pun intended), he is playing incredible and deserved this title!

  7. De Minaur is an incredible tactician of tennis. He is fit and agile and fast but it's his choice of shots at key moments that work for him.
    I like this Aussie; he deserves this as he has done the hard work in getting here.
    Both guys played terrific tennis. Thank you!

  8. That must have been exhausting. I'm sure after finally winning his SF match and finding out his next opponent, Paul was like "oh no…not De Minaur of all players!" 😫

  9. De Minaur's Asics outfit among the best I've seen. Wish Tommy Paul's beautiful girlfriend didn't look like she was at a funeral all the time. I love reading in the Spanish language but always wished I could speak Spanish. Really impressive that De Minaur started his speech in English when congratulating Tommy Paul and his team, then he spoke in Spanish.

  10. This woman is a terrible commentator. The only reason she gets employed is because she has a British accent .that is not the voice for sports commentary . No excitement , lethargic usage of words . Absolute yikes

  11. Wouldn't be surprised if de minaur doesn't win this every year, easily the most athletic player in the moment allowing him to excel in these Mexican conditions

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