CARA PERJALANAN JEPUN DENGAN KERETAPI |  Perkara Yang Anda Perlu Tahu, Peraturan Baharu, Petua JR Pass, Adab + Lagi 🚃

CARA PERJALANAN JEPUN DENGAN KERETAPI | Perkara Yang Anda Perlu Tahu, Peraturan Baharu, Petua JR Pass, Adab + Lagi 🚃

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KINI JEPUN DIBUKA JOM BELAJAR CARA NAIK KERETAPI DI JEPUN! 🚃 🍘 🇯🇵 Langgan untuk mendapatkan kotak snek Omiage hari ini! 🇯🇵🍘 Saya akan berkongsi petua dan nasihat untuk melancong di Jepun dengan kereta api! Kebanyakan anda mungkin sudah tahu bahawa Jepun mempunyai sistem pengangkutan awam yang sangat kuat. Anda boleh pergi dari satu hujung ke hujung yang lain hanya dengan kereta api peluru dalam sehari! Jadi, dalam video ini, saya akan bercakap tentang kereta api peluru (shinkansen) pada pusingan pertama, kemudian teruskan membincangkan perjalanan dengan kereta api tempatan pada pusingan kedua! Saya sebenarnya memikirkan 5 lagi perkara yang boleh saya tambah semasa mengeditnya, tetapi sangat sukar untuk memikirkan perkara sebegini apabila anda telah tinggal di sini sekian lama dan ia adalah perkara kedua kepada anda sekarang 🥺 Saya mempunyai video berkaitan perjalanan lain dalam saya senarai main di saluran saya, jadi lihat jika anda mahukan maklumat lanjut!!! —– 🚃 PERJALANAN JEPUN DENGAN JR PASS (pautan gabungan jadi beli melalui sini untuk menyokong saya 🥰) PAS SELURUH NEGARA (paling popular, membenarkan perjalanan dengan kereta api JR merentasi Jepun: PAS SERANTAU: 🚅 PERATURAN BAGASI KERETAPI PELURU BARU 🍘 KOTAK SNEK OMIAGE —– 🌸 ikuti saya di media sosial 🌸 twitter: @allisonintokyo personal instagram: @allisintokyo study instagram: @allistudy ⭐️ Sokong saya di Ko-fi!⭐️ 🗼 muat naik baharu setiap Jumaat JST 🗼 🔰 cap waktu 🔰 0:00 -6 :41 Menggunakan kereta api peluru 6:42-9:04 Nikmati Snack Box Omiage untuk merasai budaya Jepun di rumah 9:05-17:33 Perjalanan dengan kereta api tempatan ❤️ muzik ❤️ 🎈Lagu : Daystar – Smile / 🎈Lagu : Daystar – Daisy Fleabane / CARA MELANCONG JEPUN DENGAN KERETAPI | Perkara yang Anda Perlu Tahu, Peraturan Baharu, Petua JR Pass, Adab + Lagi 🚃



  1. Thank you for the comprehensive and helpful video! I was wondering one thing about the JR pass – can we pick up with our exchange order on one day but activate the pass on a future day? We're arriving in Tokyo but won't be using shinkansens for a week.

  2. I heard people saying that even with the JR Pass, sometimes you have to pay an additional fee when travelling through private stations. Can you explain how would that work? I mean would they come to us after leaving the train so we can pay the fee? Can you point some stations when that would happen?

  3. Thanks for the new info. I normally don't start a google map direction as the GPS may go haywire. I prefer to just look at it like a paper map with directions only. (Don't start!)

  4. Thanks. We’re going to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo in April and planning to take the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo. Is it worth to get the JR pass? 😊

  5. Thank you sm for this! 😭 I really appreciate it. Trains are so confusing. I actually have a question –
    So, some friends and I are travelling to Japan for a month this Summer and we’re heading straight to Osaka after we land in Tokyo. We’re spending one night in Tokyo and then catching the first Shinkansen to Osaka the following morning. Should I be worried about being able to make a train reservation? We’ll all have luggage and since we’re staying at an Airbnb, there’s no forwarding 🙁 I’m worried about not being able to get a reservation until we land. Do you have any tips? Thank you so much! (Love your videos btw – so relaxing!) 💕💕💕

  6. Thanks for the information! But I'm wondering if the 160cm rule apply to the total amount of luggage you bring on the train, or is it for each piece of luggage? I know I'll be bringing a large check-in luggage (just around 160cm) and a carry-on with me when I visit this spring, so I hope it doesn't apply to the total amount of luggage😅

  7. If I plan to take day trips to Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara— (and back to Tokyo) should I get a regional pass or just buy individual tickets? If I don’t need a regional pass, how do I go about reserving a seat? Is that done in advance like online or when I get there?

  8. Is Uber a thing in Japan, or just taxis? Are there places you can just chill and hang out in if you get stuck waiting for the trains to start running again?

  9. So helpful thank you! I usually skip sponsors/ads but this was so cute 🙂 I just got back from Japan and Shibuya station was HECTIC, it is so huge and while it is easy to navigate once inside I found it overwhelming to exit. Buying local train tickets on the machine was easy, it's all in English, as is signage throughout. Buying NEX tickets to the airport was STRESSFUL. For anyone travelling from Shibuya to Narita on the NEX you can only buy tickets at the office OUTSIDE the station (not at the machines). We missed our train because of this confusion which was massively amplified by the volume of people (it was peak hour send help!) So yes I would recommend buying tickets early, avoid peak hour, otherwise riding the trains was fantastic! We also did the green car bullet train from Liyama to Shibuya and it was amazing!

  10. Hi, if I have bought the bullet train ticket via KLOOK for the Nozomi train Osaka-Nagoya-Osaka. I bought a reserved seat. So how can I reserved the seat again with oversized luggage? At where? Because the ticket will be send to our hotel. Thanks.

  11. Hi Allison, I'm coming to Japan at end of May. I will be staying just outside of Tokyo at Kanda for 4 days and then going to Kyoto for another 4 days and then I need to go to Osaka airport on 4th day to board flight to Seoul. I'm planning on buying the Suica card before I come but as far as travelling to Kyoto and Osaka, would you recommend I just book online for those two trips rather than buying a JR rail pass ? I'm not sure if I should buy one or not.

  12. I was able to use the balance of my Hello Suica card at the duty free of Narita airport during my departure. So don’t worry about the balance, you are still able to use it at the last minute.
    I’m happy Allison’s video got a sponsor. 😊

  13. This is really great advice. I am doing the exact situation you mentioned at the end of March – one week in Tokyo and like a week in Kyoto. I was blindly going to buy the two week JR pass until I used the Navitime app and added up the costs. Hoping 1 week plus a Suica card takes care of me. Super helpful vid!

  14. I'm travelling in a couple of weeks. I would like to know from people who already went to Japan if as a foreign is difficult to combine trains which depart at similar time. For example, one night I arrive at the station at 21:03 and have to leave the train and catch another one at 21:06 so no time for any doubt or mistake as that train is the last one. Is it easy to go through scenarios like the mentioned above? Are the signs clear enough?

  15. Allison, another great video. Will be visiting Japan in April 2023. I have read comments about people buying JR passes thru the website and the customer service is terrible and often people don't get their vouchers in time for travel and in the process tried to get refunds. They were either ignored or have a difficult time trying to contact the center. Is there any merit to these comments I read ?

  16. Hi! It’s me again 😂 A friend highly recommended me get the JR pass (and pocket wifi at same time) I’m
    Only staying for 5 days and planing to be around Tokyo not travel to other cities. What card should I use? Let’s see I want to go from Shinjuku to Tama… or Shibuya…😅 help a sister !

  17. I had the Jr Pass when i visited in January 😊

    How expensive is to travel far distances on JR line if you're a resident?

    Greetings from korea 🇰🇷 💕

  18. Thanks for another cool and useful video, Allison. Some years ago I was using Hyperdia site for the train schedules; now it's been discontinued, so I was told that Jorudan was the next best thing. Anyway, Jorudan app on my Android phone worked very well during my last two trips to Japan last October and November.
    Also, the last time I bought a regional rail pass, I've received a confirmation e-mail with the reservation number after payment (just like I always did), but the guy at the ticket office in Japan where I was supposed to receive the actual pass kept asking me for the QR code (which I didn't have), so I've ended up losing some 30 minutes before that got straightened out…

  19. So do the welcome Suica cards have an expiration? Like if I buy one this year and put 10k on it but only spend 5k, would that money still be usable next year? Might be worth loading up while the exchange rate is lower.

  20. Hi, firstly thank you for your videos they've been extremely helpful with planning a trip to Japan from New Zealand 🇳🇿 I am looking at arriving in Tokyo and wanting to travel to visit Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima would the JR Pass work and be worth purchasing for these locations?

  21. Thanks a lot for this video!! So useful!
    Would you still recommend the jr pass if I'm doing Tokyo (7d)-kyoto (4)-osaka(2) BUT I'll leave Japan directly from osaka so no bullet train back to Tokyo?🤔

  22. Great video with lots of info. Is Passmo the same as Suika? Also could you create a video on rates in general, i.e., adult, kids, etc. I read that non elementary school 6yr old is considered a child, but how are we supposed to prove it? Do you also have an info video on how to get sim card for tourist, recommendation, etc.? Thank you again and you got a new subscriber.

  23. Thank you so much for this video. I really wanted to figure out if to buy a JR pass or not. But only going from Osaka to Tokio in like three weeks. Any website or train line you would recommend? Please if you can do a video on what to do when arriving in Japan first time or great Sakura spotting places. Thank you so much

  24. Thanks for the info! One question, if I’m traveling with 4 family members does each member need their own suica card or can one be purchased and passed around.

  25. Hi! I booked the JR pass online from the official website today but they didn't ask for my home address to send the voucher/order. I got reservation numbers via email though. Are the vouchers no longer being sent? Could someone let me know?

  26. Yesss to the countryside train tips! Where I live is so countryside there’s a single train that just goes back and forth all day and you have to give your change to the conductor. It’s awesome to experience especially because I always get a seat but it was definitely overwhelming at first when I didn’t know to grab the ticket at the train car entrance.

  27. So question

    Me and my 4 friends are going on a two week trip to Japan in may, we are purchasing the 2 week JR pass.

    We plan to goto Hiroshima all the way from Tokyo.

    Its a 5 hour travel time going from one train to another ans on the shinkansens, if we were to say get back on the return trains in Hiroshima around 8pm would we be able to get all the way back in time to our airbnb? Even though trains stop running at midnight? Or would we get stuck 30min away at a train station once the trains stop running?

  28. Hi Allison,

    Love your video’s – very practical and handy info! We are traveling to Japan in april so happy with these video’s.

    We were just wondering with these max dimensions (reserved seat necessary between 160-250 cm), do they apply to large backpacks as well?

    Our backpacks are 130 cm( 25x36x76) without luggage ofcourse so probably will be around 150. But I also saw a picture on a station online with max dimensions for width, depth and length?

    What is your take on this? Reserve and don’t take any chances or double check because backpacks can fluctuate – and suitcases don’t?

    Thanks for the help 😊

  29. Awesome video! Thank you Allison!

    My first world problem right now is deciding which IC card to get, because that baby is coming home as a souvenir with me. I read that for the normal version they last around 10 years, so definitely worth keeping if you plan on returning to the country (which for an otaku like me is a no-brainer xD). Still deciding of getting the JR pass will be worth it for me, since I will use a shinkansen about 2 times, but for everything else I'll mostly stick to the cities I'll be touring, but I'll use a JR fare calculator when all the places are mapped to make a final decision.


  30. Thank you for your video. I like that you make the point about not necessarily needing the JR Pass if you're not planning to use the shinkansen extensively during that period of time.

    I'd add that some of the JR East passes are cheaper, and you definitely can get them last minite. If you have a 90 day visitor visa, you can get the Hokuriku Arch pass, which will allow you to take the shinkansen and rapid transit to get from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka, for around $250, and it lasts 7 days. That is, if the traveler's plan is to see those 3 places, I think that's the cheapest way to do that.
    There's also a JR East pass (Tohoku-South Hokkaido Rail Pass) for around $240, 6 days unlimited local and shinkansen in Tohoku and South Hokkaido. Visitor visa only.

    The JR East pass can be purchased by foreign residents. $200, unlimited in Tohoku. All 3 of these can be purchased on the spot at the station, and all you need is a passport. The first two require 'visitor status', but the last one is for any foreign passport/resident, and that's really great (I think JR East is the only company that has something like that – please let me know if I'm mistaken).

    Also, if you have one of these passes, my advice is ALWAYS reserve a seat if using the shinkansen. I've had some long 'standing' rides because I didn't have the foresight or the time to do this, and it's not that hard once you figure out how to do it – no reason not to.

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