BANGKOK Fake Market Shopping Spree |  1st Copy Items Harga & Kualiti Di THAILAND #livelovethailand

BANGKOK Fake Market Shopping Spree | 1st Copy Items Harga & Kualiti Di THAILAND #livelovethailand

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BANGKOK Fake Market Shopping Spree | Barangan Salinan Pertama Harga & Kualiti Di THAILAND #livelovethailand BANGKOK Fake Market Shopping Spree | Barangan Salinan Pertama Harga & Kualiti #livelovethailand —————————————— ———————— —————————————- ———- ————————- Sebarang bantuan dihargai, dengan menyokong dan menyertai Patreons kami —- ———————– —————————————- ———————– —————————————- ——— 💗 Bantu saluran kami untuk berkembang dengan menyukai, mengulas dan melanggan. Jika anda ingin menjadi lebih baik sila kongsi video kami dengan rakan anda di media sosial. Ikuti kami di Instagram @live_love_thailand Sertai Facebook kami @livelovethailand ————————————— ————————– ————————————— ————————– ———————————— Dapatkan beberapa T-shirt & produk Hebat dari Kedai kami ————————————————— ————————– ————————————— ————- ————————- Jika anda suka menyokong saluran saya, dan bantu saya untuk melakukan lebih banyak video melanggan pada pautan di bawah. ————————————————- – GEAR CAMERA KAMI • DJI OSMO ACTION • DJI OSMO Pocket 2 . DJI Osmo Pocket 1 • Tripod • Gorilla pod • Gimbal untuk tangkapan tetap • Galaxy S21 Ultra Plus • DJI Mini 2 Drone ————————- – ————————————- Tentang saya: Saya seorang pereka grafik, Travel Vlogger & Juru gambar . Saya banyak mengembara & membuat video tentang semua yang saya alami daripada penerbangan, makanan, kehidupan sosial, kehidupan malam budaya dan banyak lagi. Saya suka kopi. Saya telah diilhamkan oleh Thailand dan budayanya, makanan dan orang-orang yang cantik. Saya telah membuat video dan vlog sejak 2012 dan meningkatkan kebolehan penggambaran saya sebagai vlogger dengan menggunakan gear dan teknik yang lebih maju. Kini YouTube adalah sebahagian daripada hidup saya dan saya harap ia akan sentiasa begitu. Terima kasih atas sokongan anda semua. “Impikan hidup anda & raih Impian anda ” Jika anda suka menyokong saluran saya, dan bantu saya untuk membuat lebih banyak video, langgan pada pautan di bawah.



  1. Hi guys,
    What's the best way to send parcels from Bangkok? We are planning to visit Bangkok in September. Since we bought the cheaper tickets, we only allowed to have the carry on luggage. We might have to send back home whatever we buy in Thailand by post.

  2. Firstly thank you for the very useful videos on Bangkok ! Do you have any pointers on where I can find traditional thai musical instruments in Bangkok ?

  3. Last week, the police showed up and the vendors closed their boothes for 2 hours until they were gone. I had to wait to wait for the police to leave before I could buy my knockoff dress shirts 😮

  4. I love MBK.Going there and exploring MBK you will need half a day.There are so many shops on each floor I genuinely got lost at one point and didn’t bother finding my way out and instead decided to just relax at the massage/spa shop.It’s a maze of shops you can get lost which is part of the adventure

  5. great vid!
    i missed the shop with the original sports shoes your say in the beginning of the vlog!1
    greetings from munich

  6. I love MBK. I go all the time.

    A few things to note if you’re looking high quality knock-offs. Most stores don’t have “master copy’s” sitting in the front of the store. They have a secret room in the back of their shops that have the highest quality of knock-offs (purses, watches, Jordan’s). There’s a massive difference between low quality fakes and master copy’s.

    You can buy a low quality Jordan 1 copy for 1,000 baht. A master copy of the same shoe will most likely go for 5,000 baht , but you get everything the retail version would have (box, tag, shoe laces).

    There’s a lot of incredible deals to be had at MBK if you do your research.

    I loved this video.

  7. Was in Phuket, ask for a number one copy and most have a section at the back where they keep the best copies of watches, handbag's etc. Found offering them half the amount they first say and go from there, walking away can lead to a good deal

  8. Thanks for the video Arsen, MBK is my favourite place to shop in Bangkok. It has everything i need and is usually the first place i visit after arriving.

  9. What a great video that was! I've followed you for a long time and we had a sense of the real you here and the way you spoke to the shop attendance was great, it was kind and done with authority. I've been coming to Thailand since 1998 and have always loved MBK and have always got what I needed. Well done on the video keep up the good work and nice to see the real you 👍😎

  10. A lot of the sports clothing and shoes are made in Thailand.
    They can be genuine, but sold out of the “back door” of the factories there.

  11. Arsen, i've got to say that you're very good at negotiating in a patient calm manner. I get bored after 30 seconds and give up. I got tempted in a shop by one of the so called 'first copies' sellers in Platinum mall. He tried to sell me a prada re-edition bag for 20000 baht and I just burst out laughing and said to him : you're having a laugh, it's just a fake! So far i've not been temped to splash out the cash on one. My boyfriend also said some of the sellers tell you the bag is a first copy and then go at the back of the shop 'to get a new one' …and give you second copy items for the same price!

  12. Anyone know the largest shoe size you can get in these copy’s. Visiting soon and wondering if I should add more to my budget for some high quality copy’s

  13. Have been there when whispers of a police raid started to spread. Within minutes all stalls where covered in tarps and the owners disappeared. It was like the perfect fire drill at work 🙂 I was midway bargaining for some jeans so returned a couple of days later to complete the purchase.

  14. Hey good video thanks for all the information can you do a next video on china marrket in pahurat

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