Adakah Anda Akan Menginap Di Hotel Ini Di Malaysia?

Adakah Anda Akan Menginap Di Hotel Ini Di Malaysia?

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Dalam video ini saya meninggalkan asrama saya kerana saya sangat kecewa dan saya mendaftar masuk ke hotel bajet yang sangat bagus bernama “Pacific Express Hotel” di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Saya menunjukkan bilik hotel, kolam renang dan pusat kecergasan. Kawasan kolam renang juga mempunyai pemandangan bandar yang sangat cantik. Saya agak kagum dengan apa yang anda dapat dengan harga $22 semalam. Jangan lupa melanggan untuk lebih banyak kandungan seperti ini. Ikuti Saya Sumbangan: Paypal – Instagram: Sokongan: https://www. Facebook: Saluran Youtube: TikTok: Siapakah saya? Seorang lelaki dari Amerika Syarikat cuba menemui dunia satu demi satu, sambil berkongsi pengalaman melalui lensa saya. Saya suka meneroka tempat yang biasanya bukan yang pertama dalam jadual perjalanan kebanyakan orang dan menunjukkan kepada semua orang bahawa tempat ini berbaloi untuk perjalanan. Saya ingin mengalami semua negara yang saya lawati sebagai ahli masyarakat tetapi pada masa yang sama belajar tentang budaya, makanan dan orang yang cantik. Pertumbuhan tidak boleh dicapai tanpa meninggalkan zon selesa anda, jadi lakukan sahaja! #kualalumpur #malaysia #hotels


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Julianna Wong 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

I think they don't allow mangosteens because the purple juice from the fruit's shell can stain the fabrics and they can't be removed after that. So be careful not to touch your clothes when you eat it!!

little sparrow 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

I told you KL is the biggest lie in Asia.Scratch the surface some more and youll see the reason why

Carlos Martins 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

really? you couldnt get a great place for $7… wake up dude

SniperTarget 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

At 6:56 the kathmandu guy doesnt know that gesture is TWO BALLS here in Western and you cant do to someone 😁 anyways cheap and nice place .

Roboute Guilliman 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Just stumbled upon your channel, love the content bro, new sub. I think once you get a better camera or use an iPhone to have better quality, the views will go up more.

R D 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Was yours a pakistani passport?

Alexis S 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

….wonder how many are here just to see your handsomeness…lol. Safe travels

Quotes And movies 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM


Sinte Ethiopia 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Thanks God you moved from the hostel I was really worried about you

Leneufcinqcergy 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Get a pair of gymnastic/calisthenic rings for portable push and pull exercises

Nas Solo 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

It's very nice & neat😃👍✌️

Brian Kim 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

looks super comfy!

Apostle Paul 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Nice room

Hirut lewis 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Omg im glad you left that place i was starting to worry about you🤔🤔 ,yes you have to splurge once in a while thats what i say when i get my starbucks late 😂😂😂😂😂😂stay safe my brother 🙏

AB MAJID OMAR 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM


Theresa Tan 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

The building you dont know is going to be tbe world's second tallest building and known as Merdeka 118

Ethio Greece Kitchen 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

Much better myer the room looks very clean 👌 👍 the view is fantastic enjoy ur stay 😀 thank you for sharing ♥️

mohd rasidi che mat 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

mangosteen does not smell bad but it can stain the linen

Addis Ababa 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

አዲስ አበባ ለናፈቃችሁ አዳዲስ ቪድዮዎች

ProfessorPapa 04/03/2023 at 8:35 AM

There you go bro!!! That’s a huge upgrade. A private room for $22 bucks! Dude we’re glad to see you made it out of the hostel alive without getting stabbed or worse…with one less kidney. 😅

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