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🎥 PREDATOR (2018) | Full Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p

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Apabila seorang budak lelaki secara tidak sengaja mencetuskan kepulangan pemburu yang paling maut di alam semesta ke Bumi, hanya krew bekas askar dan saintis yang tidak berpuas hati dapat menghalang kesudahan umat manusia. Pengarah: Shane Black Penulis: Fred Dekker, Shane Black Bintang: Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay #TrailerCity #movie #trailer



  1. Shit house. They need to make a movie with a whole bunch of them, something in a jungle setting, soldiers on a quest to find a team mate they think died but find out he has survived and is living in the jungle still, maybe get Arnold back in t, military outfits were the soldiers look cool, when they get to the jungle after a while they discover there is more than one predator, all hell breaks lose, the soldiers end up splitting a few die, a ship lands in the jungle bringing more predators, the soldiers though have strong weapons to but are scared… haha something like that would be great. 👍

  2. 3 things I notice 1. Predator walks and runs like a human. 2. They had plastic surgery, their looks getting better. 3 People less scary

  3. this movie was a 4/10
    Doesn't rank high up like the original tho.
    You can make millions of Predator movies, none will be better than the original (1987)

  4. Shane Black is an embarrassment of a director. This movie is for 12-14yrs olds who have no historical concept of the original. Everything about it was terrible.

  5. The only thing missing from this bomb of a movie was a cocky Will Smith showboating and cracking stupid one liners. This movie is so ridiculously bad it makes Sharknado look like a 20 time Academy Award winner.

  6. All the shit that came after the original 1979 alien has got nothing to do with the original, and is simply a shitty action movie Like everything nowadays. Thats Why I stopped going to the cinema.

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